Videos Surface Of Ryan Gosling In Pre-Teen Dance Routines

Ryan Gosling was star of stage before he was star of screen

Ryan Gosling’s early dance routines are exposed to the internet, thanks to Dragon’s Den Associate Producer Jane Chupick. On Saturday, she tweeted to the actor, saying that she had been reminiscing about his dancing — and about his Hammer pants. She linked to videos that would quickly gain the attention of the internet — the young Gosling in a middle school dance production.

The first video, which you can watch below, is from 1992, when Gosling was 12. He’s been acting since not long after — his first credit is for Are you Afraid Of The Dark in 1995, and the star is very recognizable in the dance video — despite his young age, his shiny purple shirt, and his metallic Hammer pants.

Gosling himself responded, joking that the video represented the peak of his talent, and thanking Chupick, and the social media following, for the ‘check up from the neck up.’ At least he can still laugh at himself — a handy skill for anyone whose family members owned a video camera twenty years ago.

More videos followed:

Gosling was already the star, at twelve. Here he is in a production of Elvis Presley’s Hound Dog.

This short solo clip appears to be the introduction to the original video, before the girls joined Gosling on stage — it cuts out just as the first of the girls begin to enter.

Ryan Gosling fans, of course, are going crazy for the videos, which are both frighteningly nostalgic, and a too-cute peek at the early talents of the guy who stole everyone’s hearts in The Notebook, when he was only the star of stage and not yet screen.

On Twitter, fans are telling Gosling and Chipick that the video is one of the funniest and most adorable things they’ve ever seen — and Gosling is taking it all with good-natured humilty.

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