Victoria Principal Pulls Gun On Former Housekeeper, Lawsuit Claims


Victoria Principal is a “G.” The former Dallas actress claims she was “in fear for her life” when she pulled a gun on a woman briefly employed as a housekeeper at her Malibu home last December.

According to court papers filed in L.A. County Superior Court on Monday, housekeeper Maribel Banegas accuses Principal the of pointing a gun and threatening to kill her after the actress — who played Pamela Ewing on the ’80s primetime soap — terminated her employment for taking too long to walk the dog.

In her counter complaint, Victoria acknowledges pulling a gun on Banegas, but she says she did it out of self defense after Benegas acted “aggressively” and refused to leave her property.

The complaint reads: “After being notified by her employment agency that she was being terminated following two days of temporary employment as a housekeeper at Principal’s Malibu residence, Banegas engaged in outrageous, threatening and violent conduct which put Principal and her full-time permanent housekeeper, Ms. Sandra Ferrior, in fear for the safety and well-being for their person and property, all in an effort to extort money from Principal.”

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