Victoria Beckham’s Newest Fashion Campaign Features Life-Less Models


Victoria Beckham Corpses Book

Victoria Beckham’s latest look is causing some controversy because of the state of her models. The famed singer and designer chose to have the women in her photos pose like corpses.

The photos of the models playing dead were captured by photographer Colin Dodgson, and draw upon the “heroin chic” trend, which catapulted supermodel Kate Moss to stardom in the ’90s.

“For the past four seasons, we have invited a photographer to interpret the Victoria Victoria Beckham collection according to their own creative vision for the look book imagery,” a rep for Victoria Beckham tells E! News. “This season we worked with a photographer who has a particular, idiosyncratic style of photography, to shoot the AW15 collection within this series. ”

Victoria Beckham Lifeless Bodies

Victoria Beckham is known for her simple atheistic and a bunch of models laying around in what amounts to almost non-poses is definitely minimalistic. The designer recently received rave reviews for her AW15 collection at New York Fashion Week.

While the new line is described as featuring “vibrant and strong” colors, the models don’t share that sentiment wit their life-less bodies. In one photo a models head hangs over a chair, while in the others the “dead” bodies of the models are simply strewn across the floor.

Victoria Beckham Poses

The “life-less” models are not the first to be similarly featured in a campaign, in 2014 Miley Cyrus and several other models were featured like corpses in a shoot for Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2014 line.

Victoria Beckham launched her first fashion store in London’s Dover Street in 2014. I have a feeling the employees are very much alive.

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