Victoria Beckham To Advise Elin Nordegren On Forgiving Cheating Tiger

Elin Nordegren, Sam Alexis Woods

Angry and hurt Elin Nordegren is expected to have a heart-to-heart with Victoria Beckham in a bid to save her fractured marriage to celebrity golfer Tiger Woods, if a new British tabloid report is to be believed. Tiger has admitted to cheating on his wife after a string of women came forward alleging affairs with the star in the wake of his mysterios Nov. 27 car crash outside his Florida home.

Following the allegations and confession, Elin has been spotted without her wedding ring –but friends have persuaded the Swede to meet fellow athletic wife VB, 35, who has offered her advice on the issue — London’s The Sun reported Tuesday.

Elin’s pal feel Victoria will be able to help her regroup because the former Spice Girl’s own marriage to soccer star David Beckham was rocked five years ago by claims that he had an affair with an aide.

“Elin should get advice from a person who has been through this sort of thing,” a spy tattled.

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