Victoria Beckham Robbery Spice Girls Concert Germany; Victoria Beckham Wardrobe Theft

Victoria Beckham has been robbed! The Spice Girls’ resident fashionista had nearly $12,000 worth of designer clothes stolen from her dressing room during a Spice Girls’ concert in Germany last Thursday.

The singer lost two pairs of shoes worth almost $11,500 per pair, along with Spice Girls costumes, including jackets and jewelry, according to The Sunday Mirror .

Among the stolen goods was a red satin dressing robe custom designed by Roberto Cavalli with “Mrs. Beckham” printed on the front and “Posh” on the back.

“All the other girls’ dressing rooms were untouched, but somebody had clearly been rifling through Victoria’s possessions,” a source told The Sunday Mirror.

“She was very upset. Fashion means everything to her. She keeps all her old outfits in storage.”

Despite her loss, the singer still managed to get into the holiday spirit and extend Yuletide wishes to her fans.

“I want to wish everyone a very merry (and of course fashionable) Christmas and a Happy New Year,” Beckham posted on her blog on Friday. “I would like to thank all of you for your amazing support during this extremely exciting time. My family and I wish you and yours a New Year of much health and happiness.”

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