Victoria Beckham Praises Amy Winehouse Style

Who says there isn’t a market from the crusty-lipped, cracked out look? After being labeled a style icon by fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld, Amy Winehouse is getting style props yet again-this time from British-born fashion icon, Victoria Beckham.

“She has a real sense of style that I just love. She’s very much a fashion icon and I adore what she wears. She’s so unique and original.”

“I’ve never met her but I just love her music – I’ve always got it on at home with David and the children. She’s an amazing singer.”

Does anyone else think it’s wrong to rain Grammy nominations and ‘stylish subtitles’ on this woman, regardless of how talented she is? Amy Winehouse is a sick woman, she suffers from the illness of addiction, and there’s really broken about showbusiness when that kind of lifestyle continues to gain praise.

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