Victoria Beckham Furious Over Former David Beckham Mistress Los Angeles Move

Victoria Beckham is furious that David Beckham’s alleged former mistress is moving to Los Angeles. Rebecca Loos – who claimed to have had an affair the soccer superstar in 2004 – is planning on moving to the City of Angels to launch her acting career.

“Rebecca going to Los Angeles is Victoria’s worst nightmare. One of the reasons the Beckhams moved there in the first place is because David felt like he owed Victoria after the whole Rebecca scandal. The fact that the past is coming back to haunt them will devastate Victoria,” a mole tells Britain’s Star Magazine.

“It’s like picking at a wound that was just starting to heal. But now all those old insecurities will be stirred up in Victoria and this will take its toll on her. She will definitely cry over it.”

Posh is particularly peeved that ‘The Other Becks’ will once can be committing with her-this time for acting gigs.

“Rebecca has been meeting with some of Hollywood’s top casting directors. She has always wanted to be an actress and she believes this is her big chance.”

“Hollywood is a very small place and it’s likely they will be vying for the same roles. It will be so awkward if they bump into each other at castings.”

“David will be absolutely furious about this because he’s only just out of the doghouse. He had to put an ocean between his family and Rebecca to allow the couple to move on, and now the alleged affair stories will all be dragged up again.”

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