Victoria Beckham Earthquake Preparation Classes


Victoria Beckham is taking classes to help her prepare for an earthquake.

The former Spice Girl was petrified by a quake — a 4.7. on the Richter scale — that shook Los Angeles last month, and she has grown increasingly worried about the frequent tremors that are a part of life in California.

The Beckham Family lives in a mansion, which lies on the Newport-Inglewood Fault, a 47-mile rock fracture caused by shifts in the earth’s crust – and often feels tremors.

Sources close to Victoria say she is so concerned about the threat of earthquakes she is considering how long the family will live in Los Angeles.

“She’s definitely having second thoughts about staying there long-term.”

Vic wants to make sure she and her three sons are prepared when “The Big One” hits, say friends of the native Brit.

“Victoria and the boys had a lesson in a simulator when they first moved to Los Angeles, but she didn’t realise the tremors would be so regular. She’s now asked David to come back from Italy and take another class with her.”

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