Victoria Beckham $5 Million Neiman Marcus Credit Card

Victoria Beckham has been given a $5 million credit limit at top Beverly Hills fashion store Neiman Marcus and she’s been spending thousands of dollars on clothes ever since she arrived.

“Victoria has been doing all she can to boost the US economy!” says an In Touch source.

“She went to Barney’s in Los Angeles last week. She spent $3,670 on a Goyard cosmetics case, $5,745 on an Azzedine Alaia mini-dress and $4,995 on a purple Dolce and Gabbana dress.”

“She has now been offered a $5 million credit limit at Neiman Marcus.”

Earlier this week, Victoria said: “I have been busy having a good look around Los Angeles, checking out the restaurants and the beauty parlours – you never know when you might need a facial!”

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