VH1 Tells Single Guys Why You’re “Undateable”

Hey single men, do you find yourself at home alone on Friday night wondering why you’re not out hooking up with a hot girl instead? Much to your chagrin, there might be a perfectly good reason why your last three girlfriends wouldn’t let you put a ring on it. So pull out your notepad and put your ears close those speakers, VH1’s five-night mini-series Undateable sets out to uncover why some men simply cannot get a date.

The hilarious series takes an irreverent look at the Top 100 things that make men undateable to women. This highlights all the “red flags” and “deal breakers” that sends gals running for the hills — including stalking, spray tans, bad breath, and B.O.

VH1 Undateable — featuring Adrienne Bailon, Kelly Rowland, Biz Markie, and Nick Cannon — airs Monday, May 10 – Friday, May 14 at 10/9c on VH1.

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