VH1 “Rock Of Love Bus” Contestants

Career rocker Bret Michaels is parlaying his “search for love” into a third installment of the popular VH1 reality series Rock of Love.

This season, the lovely ladies, who come complete with cheap hair extensions and too much foundation, will be duking it out for the former Poison star as he tours the United States on a tripped-out tour bus.

It’s the Rock of Love Bus!

This time around, Bret is bringing the women along as he travels America for a month-long solo album tour, Rock My World, to show them what the rock star life has to offer. As Bret rolls into each town in his pimped-out black tour bus, a pink bus filled with beautiful blondes and a blue bus filled with gorgeous brunettes competing for his heart will follow close behind.

The Rock of Love Bus premieres on VH1 January 4.

Meet This Season’s Contestants

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