VH1 Reality Star Dies at age 33

After fighting a two year battle with stage four colon cancer, rapper Ahmad “Real” Givens lost the battle and died Friday. The VH1 reality star, whom was known as Real on the show Real Chance Of Love, was just 33-years-old when he passed away on Friday night. Unfortunately Real had been bedridden since January.  After being misdiagnosed three times he was finally diagnosed with cancer in 2013.

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Doctors originally had diagnosed Real with hepatitis A, then mono and the Norovirus after feeling sick in at an event back in January of 2013, he reported to UrbanDaily in April. Givens said that he hadn’t felt good since January and that his condition had continued to worsen after he had fallen. The reality star, first became famous while being on I Love New York in 2007, said that he had checked himself into a hospital in March of 2013 after a taking a medication that had been prescribed to him by his last doctor; which gave him diarrhea so severely that he had lost thirty pounds.

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Givens said the doctor came into his room crying and he knew something was seriously wrong with him. She said, “I have bad news to tell you. You have cancer. You have stage four colon cancer.”’ Givens reported that another doctor told him that he most likely had only two weeks left to live. Mr. Givens had an operation in an attempt to remove cancerous growths from his colon in December 2013.

During the surgery, the doctors had to remove most of his liver after finding out  the cancer had spread, creating seven tumors. Later, Givens would discover that the tumors had also spread to his brain, partially paralyzing him on his right side. Two months ago Givens posted on Instagram that he was stopping chemotherapy because “none of it works anymore”.  He said, he was going to be choosing between different clinical trials in order to try new medicines.

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Real and his brother Kamal ‘Chance’ Givens first made their television appearance as bad boys, Real had become a family man in his final years. He is survived by his wife Racquel, and his son Mahdi. His brother posted a tearful tribute to him on Saturday, “Bye to my favorite guy in this whole world be in peace we love you forever bro”.

The Givens brothers had appeared in Real Chance of Love from 2008 to 2009, and Real & Chance; The Legend Hunters in 2010. They also rapped in the group Stallionaires.

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