VH1 “Interracial Love:” VH1 Interracial Dating Reality Show

VH1 has launched Interracial Love, a reality show about a white male looking to find an African American girlfriend. The series will follow Tobias White and his two multiracial sons, Marcus and Zachary, as they search for a Black companion for Tobias.

“I’m a white male and I’ve always dated only Black women. I just always have. It’s not that I’m prejudiced against my own race, but it just seemed a better fit for me. And now I have two children that are bi-racial,” Tobias said in an interview with VH1.

“I’ve seen so many shows like the Bachelor and now Age of Love, The Rock of Love and Joe Millionaire. They always have 19 or 20 white women on the show and they’ll have one black woman. It’s almost like it was set up for the black woman to get voted off.”

“To me, with the mother of my kids being black, I think it’s a disrespectful thing. And I was just thinking one day about a year ago that this would be a good reality show. Me and my sons want a good woman in our lives, and who better to help me find my Queen, than my sons? Who knows me better than my sons?”

Casting for Interracial Love will begin in June for a Fall 2008 premiere.

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