Vatican Slams “Avatar”

Avatar has taken more than $1 billion dollars in its four weeks at the box office. Filmgoers across the Globe are in awe of the film, which place on the planet Pandora in 2154, light years away from Earth, where humans have established an environmentally-destructive mining colony. Despite all that, James Cameron’s 3-D sci-fi adventure has failed to impress the Roman Catholic Church.

The Vatican brands the film bland, cliche, and overly-sentimental in reviews issued this week.

Avatar, which will be released in Italy later this week has received scathing reviews from Vatican Radio, as well as the Holy See’s official newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano.

“It has a great deal of enchanting, stunning technology, but few genuine or human emotions,” L’Osservatore Romano wrote of the epic, which has received generally favorable reviews since opening in the United States and Britain. “Its significance is in its visual impact rather than in the story, and in its messages, despite the fact that they are hardly new.”

“Cameron, concentrating on the creation of the fantasy world of Pandora, chooses a bland approach. He tells the story without any profound exploration,” L’Osservatore Romano added.

Avatar was also on the receiving end of harsh criticism from Vatican Radio, who predict that the film’s faults will negatively impact its place in cinema history.

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