“The Vanilla Ice Project” Renewed For Second Season On DIY Network

Twenty years after Rob “Vanilla Ice” Van Winkle struck gold with his catchy rap classic, “Ice Ice Baby,” the former hip-hopster is basking in the spotlight once more. On Tuesday, The Do-It-Yourself Network (DIY) announced that it is placing an order for a second season of The Vanilla Ice Project, a home makeover series hosted…

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Vanilla Ice Arrested: Vanilla Ice Mugshot

Robert Van Winkle, best known as hip-hop’s early 90s embarrassment Vanilla Ice, was arrested in Palm Beach County, Florida last night. The “Ninja Rap” star was booked on a domestic battery charge. (Totally unrelated, but why do people smile in mugshots? You’re going to jail, what are you cheesing about? You are not taking a…

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K-Fed: Cold as Ice?

K-Fed and V-Ice

So maybe you got a chance to see K-Fed’s performance on the Teen Choice Awards. If not, David posted it below Frankly, it’s bad. Really bad. And somehow, he drags two other people down with him in the process. Perez Hilton managed to cull some quotes from various sources about the K-Fed. The real choice…

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