Vanessa Hudgens Talks Rumors, Fans, And Her Infamous Nude Photo Scandal Allure Oct. 2009

High School Musical catapulted Vanessa Hudgens to tween superstardom, but at 20-years-young, Disney’s Gabriella Montez could use a break from her the hit franchise. In the October issue of Allure — on newsstands Sept. 22 — the actress talks about being famous, her fans, and the nude photo scandal that shattered her clean-cut image.


Vanessa On Her Fans’ Parents: “I love dads because you get to see them squirm. It’s extremely awkward because they don’t want to put their arm around you. It’s the crazy moms who are the worst.”

Vanessa On Her Nude Photo Scandal: “It’s so aggravating and frustrating, and whenever anybody asks me, would I do nudity in a film, if I say that it’s something I’m not comfortable with, they’re like, ‘Bullshit, you’ve already done it….It’s screwed up that someone screwed me over like that….At least some people are learning from my mistakes.”

Vanessa On Wedding Rumors to Zac Efron: “People love making up craziness. I don’t know where it comes from. It’s ridiculous”

Vanessa On Her Role In Sucker Punch: “It totally is my Angelina Jolie part. I get to run around with guns and fight big men.”

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