Vanessa Hudgens Nude Photos Taken At Fifteen

The National Enquirer claims ‘High School Musical’ star Vanessa Hudgens was fifteen when she posed seductively for a series of raunchy flicks currently sweeping the Net. (Check Out The Photo Here-NSFW) The tab, credited with originally breaking the story, claims Van sent the flicks to her then recent ex-beau Adam O’Neal, a fellow aspiring teen actor.

“It was like she was saying: ‘Look what you’re going to miss,'” Baby V’s then-boyfriend Adam O’Neal told the weekly snitch magnet. “Adam says he met Vanessa at an acting audition when she was fifteen years old. She dumped him after three months, he says, but then sent the stark naked photo of herself to him and other boys.”

“We were both aspiring actors, and we met at an audition,” says Adam, now nineteen. “We were together for three months and then, just before Christmas 2003, she came to a party at a friend’s house – and dumped me. I’d never seen her in the nude before,” said Adam.

Adam’s mom Margaret tells the Enquirer: “I was horrified. I thought Vanessa was such a sweet girl.”

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