Vanessa Hudgens Nude Photo Leak 2011?

Here We Go Again: The Vanessa Hudgens Edition?

Nothing gets warm bodies packed into cinema seats like an old-fashioned sex scandal. Just ask Vanessa Hudgens — just already on her third one in four years!

The Shape Magazine covergirl is hitting the promotional track for the release of two hotly-anticipated new films, — Beastly (a modern day version of Beauty and the Beast) and Sucker Punch, an action-fantasy film about a gang of girls who escape from a mental institution — but the High School Musical alum is heating up search engines for an entirely different reason.

On Monday, got its Hot Little Hands on some scandalous (possibly Photoshopped) pictures featuring the actress is some — er — compromisng positions. Some of the snaps in question show Baby V nude while others feature Hudgens reportedly making out with Nickelodeon star Alexa Nikolas (of Zoey 101 fame). Vanessa was first left shamefaced by a nude photo scandal in the Fall of 2007, when a treasure trove of images of then 18-year-old Vanessa nude emerged online. Even more such snaps made their way to the Interwebs in a similar leak last year.

Now this…

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