Vanessa Hudgens Naked!

UPDATE: A nude shot of a young woman reported to be Vanessa Hudgens has leaked to the Net. Check It Out Here!

Nude shots of ‘High School Musical’ beauty Vanessa Hudgens have reportedly surfaced in the U.S. Snooping gabbers claim the nineteen year old is petrified that suggestive shots, which she sent to co-star BFZac Efron, could end her career at Disney. According to snitches, the flicks feature ‘Baby V’ posing in various states of undress and posing seductively for the camera.

“She took some suggestive shots of herself in the buff as a surprise for Zac,” says a National Enquirer tattle.

“Vanessa is only 19-years-old so she had no idea how her flirtatious act could threaten the future of the show.”

“Vanessa took photos of herself naked except for a gold chain around her waist.”

“She also photographed herself naked in the bathtub, blowing kisses and sensuously pulling down her bikini bottom. And she took a photo on the beach of her wearing a Zac button pinned to the top of her swimsuit,” the insider gushed.

“She just wanted to keep Zac interested.”

“It’s a kid’s show. Naked pictures of one of the stars would be catastrophic,” says another mole.

High School Musical 2 attracted a record-breaking 17.2 million viewers when it debuted on the Disney Channel in mid-August; there are currently plans for a third HSM release live on the big screen. The original soundtrack has sailed to the top of the Billboard Charts.

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