Vampire Phenomenon Inspires Biting Trend Among Teens

Is biting the new hickey?

Bloodsucking-themed phenomenons, including Stephenie Meyer’s vampire epic The Twilight Saga and the HBO drama True Blood, have spawned a tween obsession with all things vampire, from makeup to clothing — and now even biting, experts say.

That’s right, biting.

According to a new report, since vampire mania took The Tween Scene by storm a few years ago, American teens have been showing affection by biting each other. Now with Twilight: Eclipse packing theaters and True Blood back on the small screen for its third season, the trend in resurfacing.

According to New York-based MD Jennifer Ashton, bite marks are becoming a status symbol among teens, who are sporting the bites and their arms, necks, and even faces. Young adults say it’s a way to show someone you care about them and that you are chosen — just like in their favorite shows and movies.

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