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Undercover Boss Finds Out Employee Is Homeless, Find Out What He Does Next


“Sometimes fate just doesn’t work in our favor. Angel, a mother of three, knows exactly what that feels like.

She is a hardworking and optimistic woman, but during her finally pregnancy, Angel became homeless. Despite this fact, she still found it in her to push others forward, encouraging them to do their best and making them feel good in any way she could.

Her boss, who was undercover visiting his business, Modell’s Sporting Goods, saw that first hand as Angel mentored him for the day… and when he finally heard her testimony something about it hit him hard. That’s when he did something that truly changed her life.”

This powerful video should really make you think about what’s important. Even if you run a multimillion dollar a year company treating your employees will go a long way. If I had to choose I’d shop at Modell’s Sporting Goods over any other sporting good store.

These type of shows can really have a positive impact on our capitalistic society if we let them. Check out the video for a truly touching story that will change your life.

David Paul Krug
David Paul Krug is the founder of PopCrunch, and currently serves as its General Manager. He has 15 years of experience running high traffic websites, and he is a movie addict, and loves independent music, sports, boxing, and UFC.

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