Uncle Poodle Reacts To Mama June And Pumpkin’s ‘Coming Out’ — Supportive But Cautious

Uncle Poodle -- "We're supportive but shaking heads at contradictions."

After Honey Boo Boo’s cancelation, Mama June has remained a public figure. Now, she and her daughter “Pumpkin” (Lauryn) are in the limelight again, after Pumpkin first came out as bisexual herself — then outed her mother. This past weekend, “Uncle Poodle” (Lee) responded to the story, grumbling over some issues with Mama June’s behavior, but largely speaking well of her, and supporting her.

Inside Edition spoke exclusively to Mama June and Pumpkin, with Pumpkin using it as a platform to come out as bisexual — and to out her mother, who was supposed to be present for Pumpkin’s support. (Full video at the end of this story.)

Outing is completely not cool, but Mama June seemed okay with it, after a correction of terminology, and quickly clarified, saying that she had never been in a serious relationship with a female, and elaborating further on her own love life.

Uncle Poodle responded over the weekend, saying that June’s statements were full of contradictions, but that she had his full support. He went on to say that June had always been supportive of LGBT family members, even before her purported relationship with a child molester cost her the reality show.

As we offer our support on this issue all we can do is shake our heads on the contradictions we read in this article. Which are quoted so there is no mistaking that the “media” twisted.

On a personal note as family we have all been supportive of our #LGBT family and friends and also our fans. Even before scandal I can say June Shannon was and I’d like to believe is still very supportive of the community. Even after finding out I was #HIV Positive, I can say she was there for me, gave me hell but none the less I did have family ?#?support?.

Mama June also talked about the interview on her daughter Alana’s (Honey Boo Boo) public Facebook page, insisting that the interview was not about her, or about publicity for her.

Instead, she said, it’s all about Pumpkin, who has family support (Uncle Poodle says she came out to family at the end of last year) wanting to reach out to teens who don’t, and she gave contact information for any teens who are struggling with sexuality issues to reach out to Pumpkin, for support, friendship, and acceptance.

It isn’t clear exactly what contradictions Uncle Poodle sees, but considering the family’s history, in their televised years alone, it’s understandable that he would want to distance himself from Mama June even while being supportive.

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