Uma Thurman Ridiculously New Face Transformation

Uma Thurman is known for her natural beauty; however she was barely recognizable on Monday when she attended her premiere party for her new miniseries “The Slap”. The 44-year-old actress has always turned heads although this time she was turning heads for all the wrong reasons, stepping out with an oddly smooth forehead along with a puffy face and an extraordinary tight smile.


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The ends slow Uma’s new face transformation as compared to what she looked (center)


Uma’s shocking transformation was not quite as dramatic as actress Renee Zellweger’s was last year when she caused jaw dropping reactions to her drastically altered appearance. There was still no denying Uma is looking a heck of a lot different.

The fact that her make-up was done lighter than usual, with little more than some foundation and vibrant red lipstick, could also be a factor in the dramatic appearance chance not to mention that her hair had been slicked back.

The Kill Bill star had only the faintest hint of a natural shadow to her eyelids and blush to her pale, smooth cheek bones. Uma’s light brows and lashes seemed to of gotten no help from a pencil or mascara either.

Uma’s inability to fully smile along with her dramatically different look especially around the eyes has experts speculating that any work Uma has had done was quite recent.


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Mark Norfolk who is the Clinical Director at Transform Cosmetic Surgery commented to MailOnline:

“Uma certainly looks like she’s undergone a dramatic transformation and in my opinion, she’s looking too overdone. The thing that strikes me most is that her eye area looks very different. It looks as though she’s had a recent lower blepharoplasty treatment, also known as eye bag removal. She isn’t wearing any eyeliner or mascara, probably in order to avoid infection from the new surgery. Her face shape seems to have changed significantly – her face looks less defined. I would say that she’s probably had a recent course of strong chemical peels as well as some dermal filler injected into the cheeks and nasal labial area; which is all contributing to this swollen-looking finish as it can have this effect immediately after undergoing these treatments. Her forehead is also very prominent and looks rather elongated, shiny, taut and line-free, which are all classic, tell-tale signs of regular Botox use. I would suggest that she’s had too much product injected into this area, which is contributing to her brow and upper eyelids looking very heavy. The combination of these possible procedures is making her look less youthful, and we’d advise Uma to lay off the treatments for a while and if and when she does have them, to remember that less is more. At her age, she would benefit from taking a more subtle approach as she is a naturally attractive woman and doesn’t require too much product.”

Come on Uma really, is this what you do during your mid-life crisis!

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