Uma Thurman “Motherhood” Movie An Epic Bomb — $131 Opening Weekend

Uma Thurman’s new film is a record flop in the UK…and that’s putting it mildly.

Motherhood — which sees the former Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction ass-kicker as a stressed-out New York mother — took in an embarrassing $131 in its opening weekend in the UK, making the movie one of the most commercially unsuccessful features in the history of British cinema, The Guardian reported on Friday.

Damn, I’ve got dresses that cost more than that! There’s no special effects, explosions, or giant blue creatures– of course it flopped! Sadly, to make money in modern-day Hollywood, you must appeal to the lowest denominator — the people. Hence all the remakes we’ve been hearing about lately. Good luck packing theaters when you actually decide to create something that taps into your creativity expression.

Producers had limited the film’s UK release on March 5 to just one cinema in London’s West End in the hope the film could create a positive word-of-mouth campaign — a la last year’s horror epic Paranormal Activity, an independent flick made on the cheap, which topped the box office after fans sung its praises on

The promo tactic failed miserably — obviously. An estimated 11 people turned out to see Motherhood; only one moviegoer checked out the feature last Sunday! Americans weren’t crazy about the comedy-drama either. Despite costing a reported $5.5 million to make, Motherhood (featuring Minnie Driver and ER’s Anthony Edwards) grossed little over $100,000 in the US last year.

The flop has baffled English critics, who are pondering just what’s caused Thurman’s once shining, Academy Award-nominated star to flicker out.

Critic Barry Norman, told The Guardian: “This is not some small, independent movie. It’s astonishing that only about 11 people could be bothered to go and see Uma Thurman.”

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