Uma Thurman and Colin Firth A Couple?

They may seem like a good match but if I were you, I would not hold my breath just yet. Entertainment sections of papers both online and offline have featured these two in a lip lock this weekend. Catchy headlines and even more attention grabbing photos prove to be nothing more than teasers when you proceed to read the write up.

As it turns out, these two stars are paired with each other in their new movie The Accidental husband. Uma has always been considered as one of the sexiest women in Hollywood but her recent Kill Bill movies have portrayed her more as a tough chick than a sex goddess. Yet her role in this new movie is nothing near her kick ass assassin role in the Kill Bill series. Whereas she literally killed in those movies, she’ll kill you with funny antics and light romance in The Accidental Husband.

Of course, what is a leading lady without a leading man? Colin Firth is known to many as Bridget Jones’ knight in shining armor. He also played Darcy in BBC’s version of Pride and Prejudice. Though he has captured countless hearts, he still finds it a mystery why women simply fall in love with him. Nonetheless, he will be seen in 7 movies in the coming year. That should be more than enough to satisfy his fans. As for Uma and him being a couple? Let’s just say that their romance is more of an onscreen thing. For now, that is.

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