Tyra Channels Josephine Baker On “Gossip Girl”

She may be a Emmy-winning talk show hostess, but this Monday night, former supermodel Tyra Banks will be taking a break from daytime for a guest appearance on The CW’s R-rated teen drama Gossip Girl.

The experience was a hair-raising one for Tyra, who went through a record six hair changes during filming for her guest spot back in August.
Tyra Banks As Josephine Baker On Gossip Girl

“The people at Gossip Girl tell me I set a Gossip Girl hair change record. I had SEVEN hair changes, every single scene you see is some new hair on my head,” Tyra tells PEOPLE.

This week’s Gossip features Tyra as the fictional Ursula Nyquist, an award-winning actress playing stage legend Josephine Baker in an Oscar-worthy movie about the French Resistance during World War II.

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