Tyra Banks Does a Little Disney Canoodling with Drake

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Odd couple alert: Supermodel mogul Tyra Banks was recently spotted on a date at the place where dreams come true — Disneyland. And we’ll give you three guesses on the strapping young rapper who accompanied her there…. Does the name “Wheelchair Jimmy” ring a bell?

Tyra Banks graduates from Harvard Business School


America’s Next Top Model host/creator can now add another title to her resume….Tyra Banks is officially a graduate of Harvard Business School. “In order for my company to grow and be the best, and to reach these women, and to serve them, I needed the best,” Tyra explained during an interview with CBS last fall,…

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Tyra Banks Harvard Business School

From America’s Next Top Model to America’s Next Top Harvard Grad? Former catwalker-turned-Emmy-winning talk show host Tyra Banks has registered for a course at Harvard Business School, where she’s studying how to become an entrepreneur.

Teen Sex Addict & Mother Suing Tyra Banks Appear On “The Early Show”

Beverly McClendon, the mother of a Georgia teenager who appeared as a self-described sex addict on the now-defunct Tyra Banks Show last November, has sued the supermodel host, Warner Bros. Entertainment, and the show’s executive producers for $3 million, alleging they flew the girl to New York and put her on TV without parental consent…

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Tyra Banks Sued By Mother Of Teenage Sex Addict

The Tyra Banks Show — once one of television’s most-watched gabfests — now collects dust as part of daytime history. That’s a fact that hasn’t stopped its supermodel namesake from being hauled into court over an episode that rocked the show’s final season. Emmy-winning entertainment titan Tyra Banks has been named in a $3 million…

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Tyra Banks Construction Work Keeps Neighbors Covering Their Ears

Tyra Banks Construction

It’s not easy living next door to a diva: Tyra Banks, who recently plopped down $10 million to purchase four apartments in Manhattan’s Battery Park City Development, has such intense construction going on at the property, her new livid neighbors are already calling the cops on her. Well that’s nothing to “smeyes” about! The America’s…

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Tyra Banks Livid Sarah Palin Spoiled Book News

This is nothing to “smeyes” about: Is a right wing conspiracy keeping Tyra Banks from becoming America’s Next Top Author? On Tuesday, TyTy announced that she is writing her debut novel, the first in a trilogy of children’s fantasy novels called Modelland — which details the wild adventures of a fierce group of butt-kicking models…

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Tyra Banks Writes Debut Novel “Modelland”

Tyra Banks Book Modelland

Catwalk maven-turned-chatshow host Tyra Banks will hang up her microphone and walk away from her post as host of the Emmy-winning daytime series The Tyra Banks Show later this month, but the stunner won’t be far from our eyes, ears, or local bookstore. The departing TV personality will join the world of literature with the…

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Tyra Banks Rabies Prank VIDEO

This bitch….. It’s high time someone found Ms. Banks a new hobby. Emmy-winning attention whore Tyra Banks shocked a studio audience during Friday’s airing of her daytime talk show, when she acted out a rabies-induced fit on stage. Ty took the stage explaining she had been bitten by a rabid dog before the show and…

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Tyra Banks Plus-Sized Teen Model Search

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Tyra Banks is holding what’s being toted as the world’s first “Plus-Size Teen Model Search.” Teens between the ages of 13 and 19 are invited to “Smile With Their Eyes” as the daytime diva and host of America’s Next Top Model goes on the hunt for curvy wannabe catwalk mavens.

Talk Show Staffers Brand Tyra Banks “Brutal”

Employees Blasts Tyra Banks

Tyra may be shutting up, but her employees sure aren’t: Just a few days after Tyra Banks announced her Emmy Award-winning daytime talk show would end its five year run at the end of the current season, same of the fashionistas employees are stepping forward to reveal that working the diva was nothing to smize…

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Tyra Banks Ends Emmy-Winning Talk Show

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Tyra Banks is ending her Emmy-winning daytime talk show after five seasons. Tyra will close the curtains on the show that taught young women how to smile with their eyes in the Spring of 2010. She says she’ll focus on the launch of Bankable Studios, a N.Y.-based film production company with the mission of bringing…

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Tyra Banks Holiday Giveaway Special 2009

The Tyra Banks Show Holiday Special 2009

Oprah may not be giving away any of her “Favorite Things” this holiday season — but Tyra sure is! On tomorrow’s Tyra Banks Show, the model mogul enlists the help of a group of very sexy elves to surprise her studio audience of deserving moms with a number of tony giveaways — including a 3-day…

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“Sesame Street” On “Tyra”


A routine weave-inspection goes wrong on tomorrow’s Tyra! Rosita, Elmo, and Cookie Monster take a bite out of the Daytime Diva when The Muppets hit The Tyra Banks Show on Thursday, Dec. 3.

Woman With Two Vaginas “The Tyra Banks Show” Nov. 6

Two Vaginas On Tyra Show

On tomorrow’s edition of The Tyra Banks Show, supermodel-turned-burgeoning-media-mogul sits down for an exclusive interview with Lauren Essex-Williams, a 29-year-old British woman born with two vaginas! The press release promises to show viewers what two vaginas look like and Lauren describes sex is like. Well, we’re so TiVo-ing this…..

Tyra Reveals Secret Behind Headline-Grabbing Weight Loss

The Tyra Banks Show Fitness Show 1

On Wednesday’s edition of The Tyra Banks Show, former supermodel Tyra Banks reveals for the first time how she recently shed more than 20 pounds. Joined by her nutritionist Heather Bauer, the Emmy-winning talk show host is dedicating tomorrow’s show to sharing step-by-step tips on her healthy new lifestyle and challenging fans to get in…

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Tyra Banks Kim Kardashian Halloween Costume

Tyra Banks As Kim Kardashian For Halloween Photo

Tyra Banks is Keeping Up With The Kardashians this Halloween. Kourtney and Khloe? Check. Butt Implants? Check. Sex Tape With Brandy’s Brother? Double Check. The catwalk-killer-turned-daytime diva channels Kim K, America’s favorite HOdashian, for The Tyra Bank Show’s annual Halloween Special, airing this Friday. What do you think guys? Is she killing that dress or…

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