Tyra Banks Stalker Trial Testimony

On Wednesday, former supermodel Tyra Banks testified at the New York trial of Brady Green, a 38-year-old Dublin, Ga., man charged with stalking, harassment, and criminal trespass for physically pursuing the one-time catwalk maven. Tyra, now an Emmy-winning talk show hostess, says she feared for her safety when she learned that her accused stalker had entered the Manhattan building where she tapes her television talk show.

Last year, Green was arrested near the Manhattan studio where The Tyra Banks Show is taped.
Defense lawyer Sydney O’Hagen says Green is just an overzealous fan who responded literally to Tyra’s website invitation for fans to reach out to her.

PEOPLE Magazine writes of Tyra’s testimony: “I fear my safety. I feel extremely vulnerable. I fear the safety of my staff. My family. The people in my vicinity,” said Banks, who appeared calm and spoke softly on the stand in downtown Manhattan…”[My staff doesn’t] tell me about fans….They said this person threatened one of my staffers. At that moment that was it. The first thing is there’s this person who’s more than a fan.”

Brady Green faces a maximum of up to 90 days in jail if convicted.

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