‘Two and a Half Men’ Releases Half-Naked Promo Photo

After Charlie Sheen, the former star of “Two and a Half Men,” melted down in spectacular fashion earlier this year and was given a swift kick to the unemployment curb, everyone’s been wondering how the show will handle his departure — and what the storyline will be for its newest star, Ashton Kutcher.

In a promo released today, CBS is giving us a bit of a sneak-peek. The poster depicts Kutcher and his co-stars, Angus T. Jones and Jon Cryer, naked and covered by a white sign that currently has the words, “All will be revealed…09.19.11.” The studio told Entertainment Weekly it’ll probably switch up the sign’s text for future promos.

In the photo, Cryer is seemingly looking downward at Kutcher’s naughtybits with an expression somewhere between dismay and disgust.

I guess now we know which man isn’t the half.

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