“Who Is Paul McCartney” Twitter Posts Were Intended As A Joke


On Friday Kanye West released his new song “Only One” co-produced and featuring Paul McCartney. Kanye fans took to twitter claiming how much they loved the song. What everyone is still talking about today are the tweets by some individuals who hilariously ask “Who is Paul McCartney?” “He boutta blow up thanks to Kanye.” At…

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Hasbro Is Offering To Exchange Play-Doh Toy That Looks Like A Penis


I was thinking the same thing. I find this hilarious, but to parents and little kids, apparently it “ruined Christmas.” Hasbro released a new toy for Play-Doh just in time for Christmas. The problem is it looks exactly like a penis. The piece parents are complaining about is part of a Play-Doh Cake Mountain set…

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Simon Cowell Shares Baby Photos

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Simon Cowell’s Twitter He’s just two days in, but it seems fatherhood’s already turned Mr. Nasty into a big ole softie. Simon Cowell and girlfriend Lauren Silverman welcomed a son, Eric Phillip, on Valentine’s Day and the new parents wasted no time inundating social media with snapshots of the tot. “I never knew how much…

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#AskR.Kelly Backfires on Twitter

Rumors of R. Kelly’s “alleged” (Hint, Nudge, Wink) affinity for underage girls made for some knee-slapping comedy when an Ask R. Kelly hashtag went viral on Twitter Wednesday.

Justin Bieber Isn’t King of Twitter After All

Nearly half of Justin Bieber’s Twitter followers are as phony as a three dollar bill, at least that’s what a recent study from social media experts Socialbakers has revealed.

Olivia Wilde Receives 17,000 Hate Tweets From Angry Beliebers

Don’t mess with the Beliebers! Olivia Wilde came under fire from furious Justin Bieber fans after telling the 19-year-old pop idol to keep his shirt on during his recent (troubled) jaunt at London’s O2 Arena. Now, the former House star has hit back with a hilarious video reading out the most abusive tweets she’s received…

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Chris Brown Back on Twitter

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You knew he couldn’t stay away: Chris Brown has reactivated his Twitter account a week after deleting it, following an explosive back and forth with sharp-tongued comic Jenny Johnson. Johnson attracted the ire of Breezy — and death threats from his fans — after she chided him about his infamous 2009 assault on on-again/off-again girlfriend…

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Chris Brown Deletes His Twitter…Again

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A war of words with a side-splitting Tweeter has sent Chris Brown into Twitter exile — again. The R&B baddie deleted his account on the popular microblogging website on Sunday night, just hours after trading barbs in a total NSFW verbal war with comedienne Jenny Johnson.

“Mrs. Kutcher” is Now “Just Demi”

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It’s a new day for actress Demi Moore. The Ghost star — who is in the process of ending her marriage to actor Ashton Kutcher — has abandoned her @MrsKutcher Twitter handle and adopted the more independent @JustDemi.

Nicki Minaj Abandons Twitter

“There’s only so much a person can take…” That’s the line Nicki Minaj used just before she bid “good f***king bye” to her 11 million Twitter followers — possibly for good.

Chet Haze Shirtless Pics Make Waves Across Twitterverse


It’s been a while since we’ve heard any dish on Tom Hanks’ rappin’ celebuspawn — Chet Haze aka Chester Hanks. The aspiring hip–hopster/Northwestern graduate is getting a lesson in the power of a good promotional still after a pair of shirtless photos he posted of himself online went viral over the weekend.

Hey Rihanna, Whatcha Smokin’?

Is Rihanna Smoking Weed?

Rihanna’s been suspiciously well-behaved lately (unless you believe those reports about her quietly courting bruisin’ ex-boyfriend Chris Brown…), so it was about time the diva did something scandalous.

Kanye West’s 4 A.M. Twitter Brain Dump

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Kanye West had the Twitterverse buzzing on Thursday after posting a series of more than 80 tweets in a “train of thoughts” that left many fans and critics scratching their heads. Oh ‘Ye….

Simon Cowell Joins Twitter

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A new must follow for every dedicated Tweeter: Simon Cowell! The X Factor USA judge has amassed almost 200,000 followers since joining the microblogging website on Wednesday. Welcome him @SimonCowell to get the inside track on blurbs from one of TV’s most notorious meanies. The outspoken music mogul began Tweeting shortly before Wednesday evening’s rock-themed…

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