“Twilight Eclipse” Script Leaked?

The blogosphere went gaga on Tuesday after an alleged copy of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse script leaked to the Internet. Fan sites went wild as TwiHards gleefully read through pages watermarked with the name Jackson Rathbone — the actor who plays Jasper Hale in the Twilight series. Despite the hype, Summit Entertainment, which produces the Saga, is putting the kibosh on rumors that the script making the rounds is the same one used for the third film in Stephenie Meyer’s smash franchise.

“There is absolutely no merit to this claim,” a rep for the studio told MTV News this evening. “We noticed it over the holiday on multiple message boards and sites, and it appears that some of this was spam.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, a source close to Summit Entertainment called the script an early draft -not the final shooting script.

Eclipse opens in theaters June 30.

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