Truth Or Drink: The Inappropriate Parents And Kids Edition

The team at Cut Video wanted to see if children and their parents would open up to each other or choose to get drunk instead. If you have children, you are likely aware of the struggles that can come from trying to get answers out of them. Likewise, you have probably felt that your parents are not always honest with you.

In this video, we learn whether or not children and their parents are willing to reveal embarrassing moments from their past or if they would rather get plowed in order to avoid the question.  took several pairs of kids and their parents and had them ask each other intimate questions. They could either answer it or take a shot.

Several pairs of kids and their parents were asked intimate questions and  they could either answer it or take a shot.

These reactions perfectly sum up the entire experiment.

Truth or Drink Parent and Kid Edition Truth or Drink

I personally couldn’t play this game with my mom because I don’t mind plausible deniability.

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