Trusting Woman Gives $1.4 Million to Online Boyfriend Who She Has Never Met

A  twice-divorced woman known solely as Sarah continues to defended herself for having sent approximately $1.4 million to her online boyfriend in Africa, whom she has never even met.

Sarah met a man calling himself Chris Olsen online approximately 18 months ago through an online dating site. Apparently the mysterious man’s accent changing over time has not caused Sarah to become suspicious, nor has his continuous need for her to wire money to different countries caused her any alarm. Sarah insists she is “95 percent certain” that her boyfriend is being truthful with her.


Despite Chris’ many attempts to come home so that the couple can be together, Sarah says: “something always goes wrong and he gets falsely arrested again.”

During an interview with Dr Phil, she explained that the pair speak everyday on the phone for hours.

She described how they met on the internet: “An attractive person came on there and said “wow you look like you wouldn’t hurt a fly.” I said “wow this guy’s really handsome, I can’t believe he’s talking to me!” He told her his name was Chris Olsen, and that he was born in Milan but had moved to the U.S. 18 years ago.

Sarah says her online boyfriend has been in Africa on business for more than a year. After a couple months of chatting online, Chris told her that he loved her and even referred to her as “Mrs. Olsen”. Days later, he asked her for money – which would be the first of many requests for cash.

So far she has sent him $1.4 million for hotel bills, calling cards, lawyers, an expired visa, stolen credit cards, and bail. Last June, she even sold an apartment she owned just to wire him $550,000 for bail.

However, she still believes he is trying his best to make it home to her.

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