Trevor Noah’s Worst Jokes Place Him In Defensive Position — Can He Explain?


Trevor Noah's worst jokes have landed him in hot water. Can he cool it before he boils?

Trevor Noah’s worst jokes have landed him in some hot water as he prepares to take over the Jon Stewart’s role as the host of The Daily Show. As his name appeared in headlines, Daily Show fans rushed over to the stand-up comic’s social media pages to find out just who the guy was. Unfortunately for Noah, that meant that fans saw some particularly objectionable sentiments, aimed at Jews, atheists, overweight females, and so on.

You can see several of the tweets that set the fireball of anti-Noah sentiment rolling here, where you might note that we also pointed out that most of the particularly shocking tweets (like the one where he says he almost ran over a Jewish kid, and would’ve been especially upset since he drives a German car) were years ago. He doesn’t generalize about Jewish girlfriends or ‘fat chicks’ so much in newer tweets.

Skimming his Twitter feed in chronological order, one might conclude that Trevor Noah had left the more bigoted and offensive joke styles behind. In addition, newer tweets include calls to help others, and general appreciation of life — a more positive atmosphere overall, not just a reduction of prejudice-based jokes.

In fact, when Noah spoke out this evening, responding to the controversy that has grown exponentially throughout the day, that’s essentially what he said himself: that his humor has evolved, and that his personality shouldn’t be judged on old, failed jokes.

Notably, this is no apology, and instead places the burden of fault on those who have called him out for the tweets, but it’s at least a relief to have the hint that he doesn’t plan to replace Jon Stewart with a host of Jewish jokes.

TELL US: Is this enough, or do Trevor Noah’s worst jokes warrant a sincere apology? Has he been unfairly attacked?

Steph Bazzle
Steph Bazzle is a homeschooling mom who likes to write about justice, equality, and religious issues.

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