Trevor Noah Is Topping The List To Replace Jon Stewart On ‘The Daily Show’


Trevor Noah Taking Over The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Comedy Central’s top brass are nearing a decision on Jon Stewart’s replacement. One name topping that list is Trevor Noah.

Noah is the South African comedian that made his debut on the show back in December. With Jon Stewart preparing to exit his successful series, many of his longtime correspondents have already said their goodbyes. However, Noah has stuck around and has been seen in an increasing number of segments with Stewart.

A source close to the decision tells Variety that Trevor Noah is being seriously considered for the role, but that no decision has been made at this time.

While filling Jon Stewart’s shoes is no small task, and there is a lot of uncertainty for success, the show has proven that it could go on without him. When John Oliver took over for several months, ratings were stable and Oliver eventually landed  his own series on HBO thanks to his brilliant temporary anchoring.

There are several reasons that Trevor Noah would be the perfect replacement on The Daily Show. In South Africa, he is known for tackling major issues of race and politics. He also comes from mixed-race parentage with his mother a black South African, and his father a white Swiss. Noah is also no stranger to late night hosting. While living overseas he hosted his own late night talk show for two seasons.

For now we are in a holding pattern for The Daily Show’s next host, but Trevor Noah definitely makes a lot of sense.

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