Travolta Extortion Plot : Jett Travolta Death Photo For Sale

Lawyers for John Travolta and Kelly Preston are fighting extortion demands made after the death of their 16-year-old son in the Bahamas earlier this month.

According to Island-based newspaper, The Tribune, police are investigating two co-conspirators “one believed to be a politician” after John was contacted by a pair of extortionists who demanded “millions of dollars” for photograph of Jett Travolta that was taken as he was dying or threatened to sell the photo to the highest bidder.

Travolta’s attorneys, Mike Ossi and Howard Butler, released a statement alerting the public of the extortion plot on Wednesday: “Regrettably in a time of such terrible grief there are often a few individuals who attempt to make false claims in hopes of making millions of dollars.”

“We will never let that happen.”

Jett died of a “seizure” at the family’s Grand Bahama vacation home this month after he was found unconscious in the bathroom.

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