“Transformers 3” Extra In Critical Condition After Stunt Gone Wrong

An extra on the set of the upcoming action blockbuster Transformers 3 is hospitalized in critical condition in Indiana after being seriously injured during a stunt gone wrong on set this week.

Authorities in the Chicago suburb of Hammond, Indiana say the crew was filming scenes in Lake County late Wednesday using several vehicles and drivers when something went awry and an object went sailing through the windshield of one of the vehicles, striking the driver, Gabriela Cedillo, 24.

Cedillo — a native of The Windy City — suffered serious head injuries after being struck during a stunt involving multiple vehicles and drivers, The Chicago Sun-Times reports. Indiana State Police say the car hit a concrete barrier and was dragged several before coming to a stop. According to fellow extra Blaine Baker that the car was being towed by another vehicle when the accident took place yesterday.

“The cable between the two vehicles broke,” Baker ells Chicago’s ABC affiliate WLS-TV. “It whipped around and sliced through the woman’s car and sliced through her skull, apparently.”

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