Tracy Morgan Kidney Transplant

Tracy Morgan is celebrating the holiday season with a new kidney.

Not as great as an iPad, but still quite a big delivery! (We kid. We kid.)

The SNL alum is recovering after undergoing a kidney transplant on Dec. 10, Entertainment Weekly reported Monday.

“Tracy is doing well and taking some much needed time to recover after the surgery. He is looking forward to going back to work after the holidays,” his rep told the entertainment mag.

Morgan was diagnosed with diabetes in 1996 and has been awaiting the transplant for some time.

Morgan, 42, is already up and about. He was spotted at the Miami Heat vs. New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden last Friday night, but will continue to take it easy to ensure a full recovery.

Last winter, Tracy won an Emmy nod for his role as a wisecracking and highly-erratic movie star Tracy Jordan on NBC’s 30 Rock. He’ll miss at least three episodes of the award-winning comedy (due to air in March) as he recovers. Writers will attribute the absence to a “meltdown because of a good thing that’s happened to him.”

The Big Apple native is the second cast member from the hit TV show to have a kidney transplant. Actor Grizz Chapman, who plays Tracy’s security guard on 30 Rock, underwent a life-saving transplant over the summer.

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