Tori Spelling hospitalized following emergency surgery

Tori Spelling, who just recently gave birth to her 4th child, Finn, was hospitalized over the weekend.

According to TMZ, Tori had a surgery over the weekend, after some complications arose following her cesarean-section. Tori, who gave birth on August 30th, was also hospitalized previously after her 3rd child, Hattie, was born. Last year, Tori was suffering from migraines following the birth of her daughter.

A rep for the actress confirmed that Tori in fact was in the hospital and “remains there but is resting comfortably.”

The proud mom of four was joking on her Twitter account last week saying, “It’s not till the moment whn U hear wailing cries all at once frm voices ranging frm 5 yrs to 2 weeks tht U realize…Oh Sh*t! I have 4 kids.”

We wish Tori a speedy recovery!

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