Was Tori Spelling Evicted?

Tori Spelling was booted from her Los Angeles rental home after failing to keep up with the monthly $7,750 rent…depending on who’s telling the story.

The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star was reportedly ordered to vacate her posh digs in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley ater a “pay or quit” notice was pinned to the gates of the property last week. Tori, husband Dean McDermott and the couple’s four young children have already vacated the home, leaving behind some of their belongings and an SUV parked in the driveway.

Despite the prominent eviction notice, the McDermotts tell TMZ they’ve covered all back rent and left the property in good standing. So, where are they living now? Well, of course, a more expensive rental in nearby Tarzana, which is costing the couple a cool $10,500 a month.

Way to downsize, guys.

Tori is the daughter of classic television titan Aaron Spelling, but by the looks of her checking account you’d never guess the 40-year-old actress grew up in the world-famous Spelling mansion.

Promoting her latest memoir, Spelling It Like It Is, Tori recently opened up to People magazine about having to cut back on life’s little essentials.

Take Gucci, for instance.

“I haven’t bought a purse in three years. And it’s fine. I look back on that girl who shopped at Gucci in my 20s and I can’t even relate. I can’t believe I thought it was important…I can’t afford to live like this anymore. They say admitting the problem is the first step… we’re all about repurposing. It’s a really good value to have.”

Tori and Dean didn’t even know how bad their money woes had gotten until McDermott, 46, wanted to get a vasectomy, but found out from their business manager that they couldn’t afford the procedure. Tori was practically disinherited by her oft-estranged mom Candy following Aaron’s death in 2006. Perhaps not surprisingly, the mother-of-four blames her childhood for her inability to balance a checking book.

“It’s no mystery why I have money problems. I grew up rich beyond anyone’s dreams. I never knew anything else. Even when I try to embrace a simpler lifestyle I can’t seem to let go of my expensive tastes. And then there’s my shopping problem. I’ve bought ridiculous amounts of stuff for the kids, clothing, toys, crafts.”

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