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The Topic on Everyone’s Mind: Selena Gomez Breast Implants


Notice anything different about Selena Gomez?

A series of new photos uploaded to the baby-faced beauty’s Instagram page Wednesday seem to feature a much bustier Selena. One snap in particular — in which Gomez prances around the streets of Manhattan in a see-through, black tank — has convinced many ’round the blogosphere that Selena not only underwent breast augmentation, but that her on-again, off-again beau — crooner Justin Bieber — may have been the catalyst for the change.

An unnamed spywitness spilled the deets on Selena’s not-so-secret decision to get breast implants to Hollywood Life on Thursday.

“She’s studied every girl that he hooked up with while they were broken up. At least the ones she knows about. [Selena] compared herself to them down to every last detail. She’s been asking people if they think she should get her boobs done because all the girls he was with have bigger boobs than her.”

With some fans speculating that Selena’s ample chesticles could simply be the work of a super-supportive tank top, Hollywood Life tracked down New York City-based plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Fallek, in hopes of gaining a more professional analysis. The Good Doctor believes that Selena not only had a boob job, but that it isn’t a particular good one. Fallek says Selena’s “right breast is a dead giveaway,” and adds that it’s “way too full and shapely on the top which can only happen with an implant.”

What do you think: Did Selena Gomez have her breasts done?


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