Top Party Schools of the Last Decade

We were excited to see this ranking of the top 10 party schools of the last decade. According to the ranking, colleges were ranked based on the following criteria: Size of the Greek System, Level of pot smoking, Level of beer drinking, Level of hard liquor drinking, Placement in annual party school rankings, Sports team success.

Top Party Schools
Source: Best Colleges Online

In addition to the top party schools, the infographic breaks down the party schools with the Biggest Greek Systems:

Penn State University
University of Wisconsin
University of California
University of Texas
University of Florida
Arizona State University
University of Ohio
University of Georgia
University of Colorado
University of Mississippi

Party schools with the most potheads:

University of California – Santa Cruz
Skidmore College
University of Vermont
Bard College
University of Colorado-Boulder
New College of Florida
Colorado College
Hampshire College
University of California – Santa Barbara
Eckerd College

And party schools with the most beer drinkers:

Penn State University
University of New Hampshire
Providence College
University of Florida
Claremont McKenna College
Ohio University
Hampden-Sydney College
West Virginia University
Colgate University
University of Wisconsin

So if you’re looking to go to school for some good old fashion partying, looks like you’ve got a lot of options these days. You can even choose a party school to meet your preferences! Don’t like sports… skip Florida. Prefer your liquor hard? Think Georgia. And on, and on, and on.

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