“Top Gun 2” — Sequel To Tom Cruise’s 1986 Hit “Top Gun” On The Horizon

Top Gun 2 is preparing for take-off. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, aka Tom Cruise, has agreed to reprise his role of the sexually conflicted, karaoke-loving flyboy in the long-delayed sequel to the 1986 flight-themed romantic drama Top Gun.

Hey Hollywood, The ’80s called — and they want you to leave their movies alone!

Your Compliance Would Be Most Appreciated!

Nearly 25 years after Tom Cruise played iconic hero “Maverick” in the action film, Paramount Pictures has commenced discussions to revive the 80’s cult classic, New York Magazine said Wednesday. Viacom execs are negotiating with the film’s original producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Tony Scott to work on Top Gun 2.

Don’t forget to page the supporting stars of the original cast who played memorable roles like Goose, Iceman, and Charlie. They’re also being courted to reportedly take part in the project.

Cruise’s starring role in the original will be much smaller in the sequel, according to industry experts. While the former heartthrob was a protagonist in the first Top Gun, Mr. Katie Holmes will likely join the new cast as a flight instructor.

Do we really need another Top Gun?

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