Top 5 T-Shirt Dresses & How to Wear Them


When I think of classic wardrobe pieces, the first thing that comes to mind is…t-shirts. T-shirts can be layered, worn during any season, and can easily be dressed up. But what happens when you want the comfort of a t-shirt, but also the ease of a casual dress? That’s when the t-shirt dress enters the picture.

The t-shirt dress is exactly what it sounds like: part t-shirt, part dress. Unlike more formal dresses, t-shirt dresses are 100% comfortable (or at least they should be). You can throw them on during a hot summer day, pair them with a necklace, slide on a pair of sandals—and you’re all set! That’s the beauty of the t-shirt dress. It’s effortless.

During my own quest for the perfect t-shirt dress, I’ve come across many different colors, styles, shapes, and textures. Some of them are a bit too boxy for me, while others are a bit too tight (think body-con dresses). Yet, I have found quite a few that are just right (and, most importantly, affordable!). I’d love to share them with you:

Micro-Striped T-Shirt Dress from Forever 21

First of all, this little number is only $12.90, which means that it’s perfect for anyone who wants to test-drive a t-shirt dress. Second of all, it isn’t shapeless, which is key. I also love how the collar isn’t the same collar as the rest of the dress. It stands out. It makes this dress unique. And if black/taupe isn’t your color, it also comes in navy/cream and green/navy. I, personally, would pair this with a dainty silver necklace, black flats, and a wide-brimmed hat.

Sienna stripe Cotton Dress by French Connection

While this one is pricier ($58.80), it does have a better fit. And the horizontal stripes add a slimming effect. Also, the keyhole closure at the back—it is perfect! This one is definitely for those who know they love the t-shirt dress and are looking to expand their collection. I would follow the model’s style and pair this one with some nude heels. Maybe add a red lip, if you’re feeling adventurous!

Babydoll T-Shirt Dress by LA Hearts

Out of the four reviews that this one received, it scored five stars overall. That’s pretty awesome. When I look at this dress, it reminds me of something you’d see on the boardwalk. I could picture wearing this on a gorgeously sunny day—with a snow cone in my hand, of course. Also—it’s the perfect little black t-shirt dress, which means that you can wear some colorful accessories with it! I’d go for a neon statement necklace, some brown sandals, and a brightly colored clutch. Price: $33.95.

Soft & Sexy T-shirt Dress by American Eagle

This $39.95 piece reminds me of the PacSun one above, but there is something unique about it. It’s more form-fitting and I am obsessed with the strappy back detail. Plus, during the fall/winter months, you can throw on a pair of leggings and easily wear it as a long t-shirt. It’s versatile, which is part of this dress’s appeal.

Raw-Edge Tee Dress by BDG

Urban Outfitters does have some patterned t-shirt dresses (which is what I was looking for), but I like this one much, much better. I like the rough edges and the fact that it doesn’t look as though it’s made of t-shirt fabric. Pair this with a leather jacket, some chunky boots, oversized sunglasses—and you are good to go! As for the price, it’s exactly $59.


After looking at a countless number of t-shirt dresses, I have to say that I understand their appeal. They are comfortable and when we feel comfortable, we feel confident. Some say fashion is pain, but I disagree. If I’m in pain, there’s no way that I’m going to look (and feel) fashionable. That’s what’s great about the t-shirt dress: it is fashionable AND feels good to wear.


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