Tony Romo To Jerry Jones: You’ll Be Dead In 4 Years… Oops


Tony Romo recently told Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones that he would be dead in four years. The prediction about the team’s owner was made while Romo was having drinks with Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones, and Jason Garrett.

During his recent appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the Cowboys quarterback retold a story about his plea to re-sign De
Marco Murray.

“A month or two before (the start of free agency), you’re trying to tell ownership you want to keep (Murray). “We’re in the bus in Arizona, after the Pro Bowl — for Super Bowl week — and Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones and Jason Garrett are there. And we’re talking and I’m trying to push the envelope of keeping DeMarco,” Romo explains. “I think everyone wants to do that and we’re just throwing out things, and we’d actually had a few drinks at the time, so there are some passionate speeches going on about what you wanted to do and one of them was my own.”

Here’s where things get interesting, Tony Romo explains, “I looked over at Stephen, who is probably doing to take over for Jerry as the owner one day and I say, ‘Stephen, you’ve got 25-30 years left to go win championships.’

“I look over at Jason and am like, ‘You’re the next Tom Landry. You’ve got 25-30 years left to go win championships.'”

Romo adds: “I didn’t know what I was saying at the time, but I’m like, ‘Me and Jerry, we got 4-5 years left only.’ “I was trying to push the envelope that we needed DeMarco back but I didn’t realize that I was basically telling him, ‘You’re gonna die in four years.'”

It might have been a bad choice of words or a slip of the tongue, but there you have it, Jerry Jones will be dead in four years according to Tony Romo.

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