Tony Parker, Eva Longoria Argue Over Having Kids

Eva Longoria and newlywed hubby Tony Parker are battling over how many children will jumpstart their little family. Eva is adamant on pushing out ten while T.P simply wants a pair.

“Eva has not been shy about telling the world about how many children she wants,” says a Star Magazine source. “Tony thought all along that she was kidding. But after they got married, he realized that Eva wasn’t. She really wants as many children as she can possibly have. She says procreating is the most wonderful thing a woman can do, and it means more to her than fame and wealth, because she was brought up in a very religious Latino family, and she was taught that having a large family is the key to happiness.”

“Eva is a little jealous of Marcia,” a Desperate Housewives set insider tells Star. “She saw how happy the kids made Marcia and thought, ‘That’d better be me – and soon!’ She also loves, loves, loves, how close Teri Hatcher is to her daughter Emerson. And then there’s Eva’s new friend Posh. Posh always says the kids are her reason to live.”

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