Tony Danza Twitter Campaign

Thousands of very eager Twitter fans have launched an online campaign to bring Who’s the Boss? star Tony Danza back to the microblogging hub of the Interwebs.

Tweeters clearly miss their daily dose of Danza, who is currently busy promoting his forthcoming A&E reality series, Teach: Tony Danza. Sidebar: The cable network is allowing the Brooklyn-born TV legend, who has masqueraded as a Broadway babe, cookbook author, and daytime talk show host, to teach an English class at a Phiadelphia high school.

But back to the Twitter campaign….

In fact, Tony already has a Twitter page. He just doesn’t use it very often. In fact, his last past is dated Sept. 17, 2009. That’s why is spearheading an online campaign — cleverly dubbed Twittersanza — as part of their pledge of “fighting the good fight in bringing Brooklyn’s finest onto Twitter!”
This could be the start of a resurgence in popularity for the respected actor. After all, look what Facebook did for Betty White!

If you are a devoted Twitter fan and want to bring attention to Urlesque’s cause, be sure to use the hash-tag #Twitterdanza — and let Tony know you want him to re-establish himself as a celebrity Twitter Stan!

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