Tony Allen’s Epic Steal From Klay Thompson Will Be Haunting Him For A While [Watch]


Tony Allen is a great defender and he certainly made fans and the opposing Warriors see that during game 2 of the series last night. The game was much more competitive last night and actually saw the Grizzlies in the lead for the majority of the game.

Much of the success of the Memphis Grizzlies was due to the return of point guard Mike Conley, who was playing with a facemask on. Just hours before the game, it was revealed that he was optimistic about playing and it was a good thing that he did because he scored 22 points and was the difference in the game along with Allen’s defense of course.

However, things would not get done on the defensive end if it weren’t for the veteran Tony Allen, who had some big steals throughout the game, including the unbelievable one from Klay Thomson, who had a disappointing game for the Warriors.

In part due to ripping the ball out of Thomson’s hands and on a few other plays as well, Allen chanted “First Team All-Defense.” He has received the honor several times before and obviously expects to be on the team again.

Tony Allen should be on that team again if for no other reason than for his play during last night’s game. He played on an intense level while guarding both Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, two of the best players in the NBA and Curry was recently named the NBA’s MVP.

Perhaps the All-Star guard was a bit distracted due to missing most of the shots that he took during the game and having a disappointing night on his home court, but the outrageous two-handed steal from Allen sure provided a good moment for the highlight reel.

Most guards will swipe the ball out of their opponent’s hands when driving down the court and sometimes get called for a reach-in foul, but it is rare for someone to get on the floor and grab it with both hands in the tricky way that Allen did.

Tony Allen and Mike Conley helped the Memphis Grizzlies win a big game 2 in Oakland and they will travel back to Memphis to host the Warriors with the series tied up at 1-1.

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