Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Reality Show

Are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes hoping aboard the reality bandwagon?

With masses of movie fans convinced that daughter Suri is the only sane member of this outfit, tabloid tattles say the action star and his actress spouse are planning to appear in a reality TV show to prove to the world their family is “normal.”

The Mission: Impossible star is reportedly filming his wife and their four-year-old daughter and intends to use the footage to show the world what life is really like in the Cruise household in a series inspired by ‘The Osbournes. Tom is especially interested in showing that his family’s lifestyle is not weird just because they’re Scientologists.

“They want to portray themselves as a normal family who do normal things. They are aware that Katie is being perceived as ‘brainwashed’ and they want to change that,” a source close to the couple squealed to Britain’s Grazia Magazine. “Tom places a premium on control, so he’s reluctant to commit to doing a reality TV show unless he’s 100 per cent it will reflect him and Katie in the best possible light.”

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