Tom Cruise David Beckham Start Hollywood Biker Club

Celebrity pals Tom Cruise and David Beckham have reportedly started an exclusive bikers club for Hollywood stars in their Los Angeles neighborhood, a well-placed tattle told Britain’s Sunday Mirror this week.

Bike club? So that’s what they’re calling it these days….

The pair — who are married to besties Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes — have teamed up to set up the Midnight Boys Bike Club, inviting other stars to join them for midnight motorbike cruises around Hollywood.

“The boys love to ride. They’re out as often as they can and Becks has really learnt how to ride from Tom,” says a squeal. “At midnight they can get away with cruising around in a group and seeing the sights of LA without a zillion paparazzi chasing them around. It works for them and they’ve had so much fun doing it so far.”

“They are trying to get other Hollywood actors like Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt to join the group too. It’s a case of the more people the better,” the spywitness adds.

Good luck avoiding the paparazzi, boys! Somehow we don’t think they’d mind working late to get those snaps.

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